Chai Mitzvah

Chai Mitzvah is the perfect opportunity for a young person who is about to celebrate their Bar/ Bat Mitzvah to take on a little something extra in this incredibly special year.

By becoming a Chai Mitzvah Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to:

Come and see ‘Chai in Action’… you’ll get an exclusive tour of Chai’s flagship centre in Hendon so you can find out all about Chai and what you are supporting.

Create your own fundraiser… it can be focused on whatever you would like! Your fundraising will help raise
money for ‘Chai in Schools’. From sponsored bake sales, to climbing a mountain and everything in between…
there is something out there for you and we can help you find your perfect fundraiser.

Help out and volunteer… as part of #TeamChai at some of our larger events and campaigns.

At the end of the year, all Chai Mitzvah Ambassadors will be invited to a Chanukah party with our younger clients affected by a cancer diagnosis in the family. You will also receive a certificate that shows that you are a Chai Mitzvah Ambassador.

To find out more about our Chai Mitzvah programme, please contact Caroline at or call 020 8457 3233

Click below to download our Chai Mitzvah booklet