Chai’s Virtual Shlissel Challah Workshop with the Challah Mummy

On Friday 9th April, more than 70 households from across the UK, Europe and Israel enjoyed Chai’s virtual shlissel challah braiding workshop led by the wonderful Challah Mummy, Allegra Benita.


It is customary to bake shlissel challah for the first Shabbos after Pesach. The word “shlissel” means key in Yiddish and challahs are braided either in the shape of a key or a traditional challah with a key baked inside. Shlissel Challah is thought to “unlock” parnassa (or good fortune) and blessings into your home. 


Allegra Benita said: “It really is a pleasure to be here supporting Chai and coming to you live in your kitchens. Shlissel Challah is a very special time of year, especially for Challah Mummy. It is a time when we can really celebrate and elevate our traditional challah.”


Following the event Chai’s Chairman, Louise Hager said: “We started the tradition of baking shlissel challah at Chai a few years ago and the whole centre is infused with the most incredible smell of fresh challah. It’s something that all of our team love doing, and our clients really enjoy taking them home. Last year we couldn’t do it so this year we wanted to do our utmost to make sure as many of our clients and supporters could get involved. We are really hoping that Chai will be open very soon and we can’t wait to welcome all of our clients back into the building in the right time.”