Corporate Sponsorship

Supporting Chai through a corporate relationship is a mutually beneficial opportunity that will differentiate your business from others. An association with Chai is a meaningful way to contribute to the community, adds credibility to your brand by highlighting your corporate social responsibility to a wide audience, affords unique networking settings at events and provides your business with routes to a new markets. 

Working with your organisation is a partnership endeavour and we would be delighted to discuss opportunities including:

• Sponsoring or hosting events
• Associating your brand with Chai’s press advertising
• Sponsoring projects, such as our new website
• Advertising in or sponsoring our event brochures
• Sponsoring specific services

Chai’s services directly and indirectly impacts on a wide segment of the UK Jewish community, including:

• High net worth individuals
• Young business professionals
• Communal leaders and influencers

A company may also claim tax relief by deducting the value of donations from the total business profits before tax is paid.

For more information and to discuss corporate sponsorship opportunities, please call Danielle Blumenblatt 020 8457 3394 or email