It’s often difficult to talk about the important issues that a cancer diagnosis brings. We provide a safe haven for adults, children, couples, families and friends to talk freely about their concerns. We are also able to provide support to community organisations and workplaces.

Counselling for Individuals, Couples & Families

Every cancer situation is different and our counsellors have vast experience and understanding of the diversity of issues that Jewish cancer patients, their families and friends need to talk about. In a supportive setting and in the strictest confidence, clients can discuss their fears and anxieties.

A cancer diagnosis affects not only the patient but also their family members and relatives, sometimes impacting up to four generations. Our Children, Teenage and Family Service provides support through music, art and play therapy for younger clients. These therapies are also available when children are affected by cancer in a friend’s family.

Counselling sessions may be on a one-to-one basis, in family groups, or in couples, according to the clients’ needs. Both male and female counsellors are available.

Chai can also provide support to the close friends of a person diagnosed with cancer. The feelings experienced and sense of loss can be difficult to cope with when there is no formal role, for example, in the mourning process.

Genetic Issues

With so much conflicting information in the public domain, many clients have questions and concerns about the BRCA gene and the implications of a cancer diagnosis, for themselves or their families. Our specialised counsellors provide a safe and supportive environment in which clients can understand the issues and discuss their feelings and choices.

As well as individual counselling, we run a BRCA gene support group. Breast Buddies is a general support group for those with breast cancer.


Some cancers have an impact on physical intimacy, affecting not only the patient, but partners too. Talking about these issues can be distressing and difficult.

Our psychosexual counsellors have specialist skills to help clients address these sensitive topics and deal with the emotional and physical adjustments attached to them. This service is available to individuals and couples.

Music Workshop for Adults

Every person reacts differently to a cancer diagnosis and some may find it difficult to articulate the huge range of emotions they are feeling – whether they are a patient or a family member.

Where words fail, music can be a valuable channel to express and understand feelings. Chai’s registered music therapist provides music workshops for those affected by a cancer diagnosis.

You do not have to be musically accomplished for music therapy to be beneficial.

Telephone & Skype Counselling

There are many reasons why face-to-face counselling may not be possible and in these circumstances Chai’s counsellors are able to offer counselling via Skype or over the telephone.

This service is available anywhere in the world, allowing for differences in time zones.

Children, Teenage & Family Service

In recent years, we have seen a significant increase in the number of young parents diagnosed with cancer. The impact of this can be overwhelming, especially for the children.

Focusing on art, music and play therapy for children and teenagers directly affected by a cancer diagnosis in their family, our therapists are able to support children as young as three. These are mediums children can understand, and our counsellors help clients safely express their feelings at a time of great emotional upheaval.

We also support parents (if they wish) in how to explain to children, in age-appropriate language, what is going on in the family.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a type of counselling which uses art as a way of expression, communication and release. Through the art, children are able to develop confidence and self acceptance. Behavioural patterns and emotions are worked through in a comfortable and non-threatening space using creative expression.

Music Therapy

Every person reacts differently to a cancer diagnosis and children and teens may find it difficult to articulate the huge and confusing range of emotions they are feeling. Where words fail, music can be a valuable channel for them to be able to express and understand their feelings in a safe space.

Working with cancer patients, their children and families, Chai’s registered music therapist provides individual and group music therapy sessions, allowing participants to find meaning, creativity and release in the sounds they create. You do not have to be musically accomplished for music therapy to be beneficial.

Play Therapy

Children can often communicate their feelings more naturally when playing with toys. Using age-appropriate props such as puppets, art and craft materials, Chai’s play therapist helps the child express their feelings about the changes going on in their daily lives, without the need for words. With the therapist’s support, the child can develop ways to better understand and cope with their emotions.

Parents, therapists and the Client Services Manager meet regularly to review the needs of the child.