Chai Serves up ‘Food For Thought’


On Tuesday 30th June over 800 households tuned in to Chai Cancer Care’s webinar ‘Food For Thought – As We Transition Out Of Lockdown’ with registered nutritionist Jenna Hope Msc Bsc (Hons) in conversation with celebrity interviewer and freelance journalist Suzanne Baum.

There was a live question box where many of the participants had the opportunity to have their questions answered. A wide range of topics were discussed such as how to make healthy choices, combatting stress eating during coronavirus, navigating picky children’s food habits to busting nutritional myths such as ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day.’

Jenna reassured the listeners that a balanced and varied diet is the key towards sustaining a healthy lifestyle. There was good news for so many that the occasional piece of dark chocolate, as well as tasting delicious, can also help stimulate the adrenal glands!

Chai’s chairman Louise Hager introduced the webinar saying:

“For over 30 years, education and bringing up to date information to the community has always been central to what we do at Chai. It was the first service that we started with and now we have 64 specialised services. Our inaugural expert lecture was held in Norrice Lea Shul with 400 people and now through a webinar we are able to reach so many more worldwide.”

The webinar ended on a ‘Chai’ with a specially commissioned performance of Chai’s unofficial anthem, “To Life” from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ performed by four of the most famous stars to have played Tevye – Chaim Topol, Dudu Fisher, Andy Nyman and Yehezkel Lazarov.

The recording of the song “To Life, To Life, L’Chai” can be viewed and shared here: