There’s creativity, camaraderie and understanding to be found in a group activities. Most take place weekly and often, the very last topic of conversation is cancer.

NB: Group timings may be subject to change. Please call 020 8202 2211 for more information, bookings and appointments.

Art Workshop

Open to everyone regardless of experience, ability – or lack of it! This popular class, which is led by Head of Art Department Linda Sharpe, nurtures the natural development of creativity and personal self-expression. 

Chai-ly Active Classes 


Chai-ly Active Exercise Classes – Staying active is hugely beneficial, not just physically but it is also vital for mental wellbeing. Our zoom exercise classes for children age 5 upwards are extremely

varied, interactive and fun.

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Computer Lessons

Individual or group computer lessons for clients whatever their level of competence. 

(Upon request)

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Israeli Dancing

Dance helps people connect emotionally with their body and is a recognised form of therapy. Under the tuition of a trained ballet dancer, everyone can go at their own pace enjoying the combination of music and movement.

(Variable dates/times)

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Jewellery Workshop

Open to everyone who wants to make their own jewellery. Enjoy learning beading skills and discovering your ‘signature’ style! The workshop also contributes pieces to Chai’s gift sales, raising money for our services.

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Open to novices and dyed-in-the-wool knitters, there’s expert tuition on hand in this weekly class.

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Laughter Therapy

Laughter is a great way to help combat the physical effects of illness and reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. The body cannot tell the difference between real and fake laughter, so the endorphins (the body’s feel-good, natural painkillers) released during the session, are beneficial either way. Laughter is catching, lifts one’s mood and helps oxygen to circulate through the body, boosting the cardiovascular system.

(Upon request)

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Used for thousands of years in many cultures, meditation promotes healing and improves mental and physical wellbeing. The teacher uses different techniques to help participants reach a state of deep relaxation and a move to a more positive state of mind, unimpeded by thoughts.

Mindfulness Group

Through guided breathing and mental imagery, mindfulness can be a valuable way to develop strategies that help us respond differently to the various situations cancer presents: pain management, anxiety, depression, fear. The aim is to quieten the mind, bring people into the present and replace negative autopilot responses with calmer, clear thinking.

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Music Workshop

A space to meet, share, sing, listen, play together and gain another perspective. With Chai’s registered music therapist to facilitate, clients can create, communicate and express themselves with a selection of instruments. No musical experience necessary.

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Open/Supervised Gym Sessions

Maintaining or regaining mobility and fitness is an important way for cancer patients to help their bodies operate at their optimum before, during and after treatment.

Up to three clients may use Chai’s gym, supervised at all times by a qualified physiotherapist.

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Pet Therapy

The positive impact of a pet can be immense, helping to reduce recovery time after surgery, lessen pain and stress levels and generally encourage a positive outlook.

(Individual or group sessions available upon request)

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A low-impact, restorative and very effective exercise ideal for beginners and beginners ‘plus’. Suitable for men and women at any stage of the cancer journey, it focuses on establishing body awareness, gently but powerfully engaging the muscles through subtle exercise, to build physical strength – an important aspect of recovery.

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Table Tennis

Mobility is important in the recovery process after treatment for cancer. Table tennis is a fun way to do it. Legs, arms and torso are all involved in rebuilding muscle strength while the co-ordination required keeps your mind alert and ‘on its toes’.

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Walking Group

Walking regularly in a group is a great focus for rehabilitation, offering fresh air, good company and a healthy, active distraction. Even half an hour of activity is proven to have a beneficial effect. Run in conjunction with Maccabi, no one is left behind and the route is always easy going.

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Wednesday Afternoon Social Group

A fortnightly programme of talks, music, magic, poetry, quizzes and games. The activities are varied, the company is friendly and the group is a great source of support for cancer patients, partners and friends.

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Our remedial yoga begins with a concentration on the breath and a ‘body scan’ to see how clients are feeling before moving on to yoga postures (modified if required). Maintaining a sense of calm through the breathing, yoga works to improves core and muscle strength, balance, flexibility and alignment.

Classes are suitable for all levels of experience and can be done seated.

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