In the JC: Chai Cancer Care raises £2.7 million in a day in online campaign

Chai Cancer Care has raised a staggering £2.7 million since its fundraising appeal was launched on Sunday, already almost doubling its initial £1.5 target. The 36-hour appeal is still running. 

“The Big Campaign” fundraiser has, to date, received donations from 11,000 people across the UK. A group of sponsors agreed to match all of the early donations.

“It has been widely reported that cancer has become ‘the forgotten C’ as critical cancer services have been downgraded due to rising virus cases in our hospitals,” the charity noted.

“On a daily basis we are seeing the impact and anxiety that this is having on our clients, both physically and emotionally.

“With the need for social distancing, not being able to see family members and loved ones is an added and significant pressure for so many.”

Chai is continuing to offer support services over the phone and virtually and says that demand for counselling has increased by 37 per cent during the pandemic.

A Chai spokesman said “the entire community has rallied round the cancer patients and their loved ones in a remarkable way at a time when there is so much else going on.”


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