Matt Lucas’s star appearance at Chai’s Wednesday Afternoon Social

On the 7th October, Matt Lucas was the star guest at Chai’s fortnightly Zoom Wednesday afternoon social.

The socials, organised by long – standing volunteers Lynne Silver, Andee Roback and Barbara Freedman give Chai’s clients the opportunity to virtually connect and enjoy some live entertainment. There is often a guest appearance but securing the ‘high in demand’ famous Matt Lucas was particularly exciting.

Matt’s winning combination of his down to earth nature, warmth and humour captivated everyone who tuned in as he gave his insightful and honest account of his journey performing as a young boy from  The Haberdashers’ Aske’s School to starring in famous and popular TV shows such as ‘Little Britain’ and currently ‘The Great British Bake Off’ which has had great reviews.

In an approachable and easy manner, Matt answered a series of questions from the committee covering a range of topics such as his biggest achievement – which he candidly shared was his update of the lyrics of a  20-year old comedy song on raising awareness for children on how to avoid coronavirus. The song unexpectedly received three million views which he used to fundraise for his FeedNHS campaign.

On behalf of the committee, co-chair Andee said,

“Knowing Matt from past charitable work together, we knew that he would give his time generously if he could for such a worthwhile cause like Chai. Fortunately, he was able to squeeze us in between other commitments. And to quote Matt,

“It’s very nice to be part of this. What you are doing is brilliant – how you are all coming together, staying together and looking after each other.”