Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, Chai shines a spotlight on some of the services which can help clients deal with the change and uncertainties following a cancer diagnosis.

Over the last year, we have seen first-hand the added layer of trauma that our clients have been facing due to postponed and cancelled screenings, treatments and surgeries. Now more than ever, there is a need for our clients to find an outlet to unburden their fears and anxieties. This could be through counselling, support groups, music, art or exercise.

  • Counselling for Individuals, Couples and Families – It is often difficult to talk about the important issues that a cancer diagnosis can bring. Our range of specialised counselling services offer a safe haven in which one can talk freely about any concerns or distress being experienced.


  • Support Groups – These groups offer opportunities to discuss and share issues and concerns arising from the time of diagnosis to any point thereafter. Groups are either for those who have cancer, or for those who are affected by it through a family member or loved one.


  • Music Therapy – Every person reacts differently to a cancer diagnosis. Many people find it difficult to articulate the huge range of emotions they are feeling – both as a patient and family member. Music can be another way of expressing and understanding these feelings.


  • Art Workshop – Art is used as a way of personal self-expression, communication and release of emotions.


  • Exercise – Guidance from Chai’s fitness experts enable clients to regain their strength and energy levels and reach their own personal goals. Activities include one-to-one and open gym sessions, Pilates, Yoga and weekly walking groups. Clients receive a full assessment and a programme will then be designed according to their needs.

Chai’s support extends across all age groups and every service is tailor-made for each individual. This was summed up by Jacki*, a client: “When I received my diagnosis. I felt my individuality had been stripped away. Entering into a world of appointments and schedules, I became a statistic and I lost who I was. But at Chai I became a person again. Thank you Chai!”

To find out more about Chai’s specialised services available across the UK, please call our Freephone Helpline on 0808 808 4567 or visit