Over 3 million raised in just 36 hours!

We have been completely overwhelmed by the fantastic response to The Chai Big Campaign.

It has truly felt like one BIG virtual hug and we are deeply humbled to witness everyone coming together, from all over the world, to recognise Chai’s impact across the community.

In Chai’s thirty-year history, raising funds in this way is something we have never done before – it was the unknown and we did not know what the response would be…and what a response it was!

Due to the united efforts of everyone who took part, The Big Campaign raised an outstanding figure of over £3 million in 36 hours – £1.5 million raised in the first 6 hours alone! And donations are still coming in – the sense of support for Chai has never felt stronger.

In the coming weeks and months, we are expecting a continued demand of Chai’s specialised services. Mindful that there are no significant avenues of income possible due to events being cancelled because of Covid, the success of this campaign will be life changing. For the thousands who turn to us, they now have peace of mind knowing that we will continue to be there for them, providing our big C of Care.