Remembering Chai in your will is a long-lasting way of making sure we are there for future generations who need our services and support.

Why include Chai in your will?

Every year we see an increase in the number of people who turn to Chai for services to help them cope with the short- and long-term effects of cancer. The number of people diagnosed is rising, alongside those with cancer who are living for longer – albeit in the shadow of the cancer itself. The knock-on effect across generations is clear: more people requiring more of Chai’s services over a longer period.

Legacies both large and small make a crucial contribution to Chai. We do not receive any government funding depending exclusively on donations to meet the growing needs of our community. By remembering Chai in your Will you are ensuring we can continue to be a safe haven for people to access the best advice and specialist support possible.

There are several ways you can include Chai in your Will:

  • Residuary Gift – the gift of all (or part) of the value of your estate after all other debts, liabilities and other legacies have been paid
  • Pecuniary Gift – is the gift of a specified sum of money.
  • Specific – is the gift of a specified item such as property, a painting or a piece of jewellery.

What to do next

If you already have a will and want to now include Chai Cancer Care, speak to your solicitor about adding a Codicil (a legal document read in conjunction with your existing will that amends it to include your additional request).

If you have not yet written a will, speak to a solicitor about how to include Chai. 

If you have already included, or intend to include, Chai in your will, you may choose to let us know so we can acknowledge your gift during your lifetime.

Why prepare a will?

Making a will guarantees that your estate is distributed according to your specific wishes and enables you to provide for the future of your loved ones. Leaving a gift to a charity is also an effective way to reduce the overall inheritance tax liability on your estate.

For more information about leaving a legacy to Chai Cancer Care, please call Lisa Steele in the strictest confidence on 020 8457 3392 or email

Chai Cancer Care: Why the community needs your help

A cancer diagnosis and living with the effects of treatment can be traumatic not only for the patient but for his or her loved ones, too. Chai believes no one should have to cope with its impact alone and as the Jewish community’s cancer support organisation, we provide services the length and breadth of the country, including in clients’ homes. Our expertise, care and specialised support, at every stage, makes all the difference.

Chai’s services include counselling for children, teens and adults, advisory and advocacy services, home visits, a wide range of complementary and physical therapies, support groups, activity and creative classes, as well as a Medical Outpatient Rehabilitation and Palliative Care Service.

We do not charge our clients for services and we do not have any waiting lists. All calls are responded to within 24 hours.

Here to support you when you need it