When a family experiences the impact of a cancer diagnosis, a child’s home life can be affected in any number of ways. Regular activities are put on hold, the atmosphere at home can change and children may witness the visible effects of treatment on a loved one. As positive as adults can be, a child is likely to sense consciously or unconsciously, that something is not the same.

In this unpredictable situation, when their lives can seem out of control, Chai in Schools supports children by offering art, music and play therapy in the safe, familiar and boundaried setting of school. This practical pillar of care, available during the school day, eases the burden of demands on a family already stretched. Support is available for children at any point in the family’s cancer experience.

Chai in Schools runs workshops for teaching staff (some may not yet have encountered family illness or death) so they are better equipped to understand and support pupils. We work with primary and secondary schools, and in community (synagogue) education settings across the UK and can tailor workshops to deal with specific issues.

Chai in Schools provides:

Specialist play, art and music therapists to work with children in their school
Workshops to give teachers practical strategies on how best to support their pupils
One-to-one counselling for teaching staff if required
UK-wide support by phone for school staff or any educational establishment

For more information about Chai in Schools, please call us on 020 8202 2211.