These provide an opportunity for a shared sense of understanding, the chance to exchange insights and knowledge, and an unpressurised, supportive environment in which to speak. Group support has so many benefits. All groups (with the exception of By Your Side) are facilitated by counsellors.

BRCA Group

Discuss the issues, options and complexities around carrying the BRCA 1 or 2 gene. The group can help reduce a potential sense of isolation as you hear form others in the same situation.

One-to-one counselling is also available

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Bereavement Groups

When expressing feelings is hard after a loss, being with others who have gone through their own experience can be an important stepping-stone to finding a way through. We run two groups:

  • Those who have lost a parent
  • Those who have lost a partner

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Breast Buddies

Our support group for those who have breast cancer is well-established and is a safe haven for clients seeking support, at any stage of the cancer journey.

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By Your Side

There are so many questions a person has when a cancer diagnosis comes along: how to deal with the nausea, the hair loss, how to tell friends. Who better to advise than someone who’s been through it? This unique one-to-one support initiative pairs clients with volunteers who have had similar diagnoses and are through their treatment. All volunteers have completed a training programme.

For more information, please call Debbie Woolfson on 020 8457 2076 or email

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Lifestyle Group

The Lifestyle Group empowers clients to regain their physical and mental wellbeing after cancer treatment, through discussions and tailored advice.

Moving forward when treatment has finished can be hard – because nobody is quite as they were before. Sessions address the psychological impact of cancer with topics including self-confidence, body image, anxieties and expectations (self-imposed or external).

Nutritional expertise helps resolve digestive or weight issues with individual eating strategies, recipes and talks on finding a balanced approach to food, that works for each person.

Physiotherapy and exercise plans help clients work towards their optimum mobility and strength after surgery and treatment.

The Lifestyle Group programme runs three times a year over several weeks.

Men’s Support Group

Some men may be more reluctant to open up about the many challenges they are facing in their cancer diagnosis.

This group provides a safe space for men to share their experiences with others who have a common understanding.

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Support Groups for Cancer Patients/Carers

Chai supports all those affected by a cancer diagnosis. These groups give both patients and carers the space to discuss their concerns arising from diagnosis onwards. Available either for those who have cancer or for those affected by its impact whether family member or friend.

New groups start throughout the year according to demand.

Women’s Support Group

Women’s cancers can be challenging to navigate alone. Chai’s Women’s support group provides a safe space for women to share their experiences facing a cancer diagnosis with others who understand.

One to one counselling is also available.

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