Looking forward to a simcha this year? You can double the feel-good factor of a special birthday, wedding or anniversary, Bar or Bat Mitzvah by inviting guests to donate to Chai as an alternative to receiving gifts. 

As well as our sincere appreciation to you for making Chai part of your celebration, you’ll play a valuable role in raising awareness about our services. 

Every service Chai provides has earned its place and is important to our clients. At certain times we may also fundraise for a specific project, which you can nominate for your celebration. 

Gift cards are available for you to send out with your invitation, or simply include our web address so guests can honour your celebration in the Donate section.

We keep a tally of donations and notify you of the total (please note it is our policy not to disclose individual sums).

For more information on setting up a celebration donation, please call Jacki Stanton on 020 8457 3231

Here to support you when you need it