Oh goody – Pinner Shul did something great!

Last week, the Bat Mitzvah programme, run by Community Director, Sara Levin at Pinner United Shul prepared and delivered goody bags for the Bat Mitzvah girls that Chai supports. The bags were filled to the brim with wonderful goodies such as glitter pens, photo frames, chocolate making kits and delicious snacks.

Speaking about why they had chosen to do this Mitzvah for Chai, the girls’ said: “We wanted to let young girls supported by Chai know that we are thinking of them and to do something special for them for their Bat Mitzvah’s.”

Caroline Tunkel, Chai’s Community Relationship Manager said: It’s the first time that a Bat Mitzvah group has specifically chosen to help girls of a similar age at Chai. We are really touched by this lovely gesture and the time and care they all put into it.”